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Why Our Nurses Choose to Work Foothill Regional

Lisette, RN, BSN, Charge Nurse, Med-Surg/Telemetry

“Working at a new hospital allows you to help shape the culture and grow with the facility. I feel that the other nurses and I play a role in shaping a culture of caring at Foothill Regional Medical Center. I also appreciate that the CNO and CEO are accessible and I can speak with them directly. At other hospitals, you typically have to go through a chain of command. Not only do they have an open-door policy, but they are responsive to nurses’ feedback.”

Kimberly, RN, BSN, Med-Surg/Tele, 2018 Employee of the Year

“I started at Foothill Regional Medical Center right out of nursing school. I interviewed for several new graduate programs, but the staff at Foothill made me feel right at home because the interview was a two-way dialogue. I stayed after completing the program because of the multiple learning opportunities provided. Equally important, my co-workers and I work as a cohesive team—quick to help each other out and provide teaching moments.”

Janette, ICU, RN, BSN

“I knew I wanted to be a nurse since I was a little girl and treated my friends’ skinned knees with my first-aid kit. Over the past 20 years, I have worked in a variety of hospitals and settings, so I speak from experience when I say Foothill Regional Medical Center has an amazing work culture. The directors and managers are highly visible to encourage staff and resolve issues. Everyone from managers to support staff help each other out.”

Janette graduated Summa Cum Laude with an MHA degree in May 2019.

Rina, RN, Med/Surg and Telemetry

“I choose to work at Foothill Regional because everyone is really kind with each other. This translates into better patient care. We help each other out and I especially enjoy precepting new nurses.”