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Nursing Career Development Opportunities

new graduate nurse residency program

At Foothill Regional Medical Center, we are committed to training the healthcare providers of today and tomorrow. If you are starting your nursing career or looking for opportunities to enhance your skill set, we have educational and professional development programs for you.

New Graduate Registered Nurse (RN) Residency Program

The New Graduate Registered Nurse (RN) Residency Program is an evidence-based and structured program built upon a competency-based framework, designed to address the challenges faced by newly licensed RNs as they make transition to professional practice. This program helps to effectively close the academic-to-practice gap so that we can retain safe, competent, and confident nurses who are prepared to continue their professional growth. 

The New Graduate RN Residency Program is a full-time employment opportunity. The program is intensive clinical practice, followed by ongoing sessions designed to build upon what the nurse resident is experiencing in clinical practice.

We provide a cohort experience to allow for support, shared experiences, reflective practice opportunities and socialization as new graduate RNs acclimate to their professional role. Support is also provided by preceptors, unit leadership and educators during the program.

Requirements to qualify for the New Graduate RN Residency Program:

  • Licensure: Current, active and unencumbered California registered nurse license prior to starting the program
  • Education: Graduate from an accredited nursing program within the last 12-14 months; associate degree in nursing (ADN) or BS in nursing (BSN) preferred
  • Certification: Current and active Basic Life Support (BLS) from the American Heart Association
  • Experience: Less than 12 months of acute care hospital-based experience as a licensed RN prior to starting the program

Interested in applying for our RN residency program? Submit your application through our career portal

Nursing Educational Opportunities and Resources

We offer a variety of educational opportunities and resources to support the continuous learning needs and professional development of our nurses:

  • Preceptor development and education
  • Nurse leader academy
  • Charge nurse development
  • Transitional practice programs in medical/surgical, telemetry, step-down and critical care, emergency department and operative areas
  • Unlimited access to more than 1,800 CE courses in our CE Center (HealthStream)
  • Access to courses in our HealthStream Learning Management System
  • Formal education programs
  • Orientation programs for experienced nurses in a variety of clinical areas
  • Free Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through Key Medical

New Grad Registered Nurses - Structured Two-year Program

  • Unit specific clinical training with preceptor
  • After completion of the unit specific clinical training period preceptor becomes mentor until end of first year
  • New grad receives $2,000 bonus after successful completion of the introductory period
  • 5% increase after 6 months employment for non-union facilities
  • New grad then eligible for regular merit increase program
  • Year two includes first payment of Loan Forgiveness and career development program

Preceptor Program

  • Nurses with at least one year of experience can apply and participate in selection process to become a preceptor
  • Preceptor receives $2000 bonus once unit specific clinical training period and preceptee 90-day introductory period completed and new grad signs they are competent in all areas in contract

Mentor Program

  • Nurses with at least one year of experience can apply and participate in selection process to become a mentor
  • At end of contract completion, preceptor will transition to mentor role. If preceptor does not become a mentor, a mentor will be assigned
  • Mentor receives a $5000 bonus for each new grad employed at end of their first year – not prorated if new grad leaves before end of first year with completion of expectations
  • Mentor receives $5000 bonus if new grad is still employed at the end of the second year – prorated beginning at 18 months

Nursing Professional Development

Career Path development assistance

  • Education
    • Tuition Reimbursement $3,000 annually
    • RN to BSN programs
    • LVN to RN program
    • Loan Forgiveness up to $50,000 for RNs, LVNs and CNAs
  • Certification assistance in obtaining and recognition for specialty certifications

First-Time Certification

  • Pay for review class expenses
  • Pay for exam fee
  • $500 first-time certification bonus

Pay more for BSNs and MSNs: $1.75 hour more for BSN; $3.50 hour more for MSN
Job flexibility for part-time work while achieving degree


  • Monthly and annual Employee of-the-Year with bonus, free meals for a month
  • DAISY Award for clinical excellence, quarterly
  • Bee Award for ancillary support excellence, quarterly
  • Good Catch Recognition by management team


  • Clinical Educators 7 a.m. – 11 p.m. Acute Care
  • Serenity Room to unwind, complete with foot massagers, aromatherapy, and yoga mats
  • Employee Assistance Program for employee and family (mental, legal, financial, work life)
  • 24/7 video interpreter system with 100 languages and American Sign Language